Down Time

With school starting and all the activities fall offers don’t forget to schedule in a little downtime for yourself too. Today was a gorgeous day and as a family we did a whole lot of nothing to enjoy it! I hope you have days like this too!!

Ideas for the upcoming week coming soon…


Fall Fest

October is full of fall festivals! I had hoped to compile a list but there are so many if would be best to check out what is near you. Many schools have Fall Festivals as a fundraiser. From bounce houses to pumpkins to pony and hay rides… Lots of fun for the gang!

Family Pictures

Today, after what felt like weeks of stressing, we had family pictures taken. Honestly, I am nervous about how they will turn out. It was a lot colder than I thought it would be and the kids did not exactly cooperate as I had hoped. I will let you know how the pictures turn out. My initial though is that pictures on the beach should be taken in the summer – not mid-October. Hopefully, the pictures will change my mind!

It was interesting that today Brian Williams wrapped up the Nightly News with a story about moms not being in pictures with their kids. I know I always seem to be behind, rather than in front, of the camera. Most pictures that include me are taken when I stretch my arm out and take the picture myself. And, pictures with the whole family are definitely few and far between.

Today we tried to change that and, regardless of how the pictures turn out, we had fun trying!

Silverman Farm Playground

Week days after a morning rain are an excellent time to head to Silverman Farm. The petting zoo and playground will be all your’s and the lines inside are even short!

There are several animals, such as goat and deer, to feed. The wooden train, jeep, and tractor are all fun for the kiddos to play on! Slides, steering wheels, ladders, tables… and a corn maze too.

There is an entrance fee – $5 adults, $3 kids. Food for the animals is $0.25 a shot. So, it is not free but if you need a change if pace, some apple cider donuts, or apples (you may pick your own in the fall) this may be just the place for you! Off exit 46 on the Merritt.

Fall Leaves

Over the weekend we have been busy having fun with family and part of that has involved fall leaves. As we drive and walk I point out how some leaves are changing colors. It is a good way to reinforce colors as well as observation skills. We have been collecting leaves and even put some between two pieces of wax paper in a heavy book. My mom and daughter made a collage with leaves too. The plan is to keep the conversation going as long as there are leaves to talk about!

New Canaan Books and Chocolate

Today we headed to New Canaan for some adult and kid fun. The highlights from the day were the Elm Street Books Bookstore and the Belgique Chocolatier chocolate store. Bookstores and and chocolate shops are two of my favorite places to go and both of these are great!

Elm Street Books – What a great store! It is cozy, has a good selection of books that are well displayed, has friendly people working there that are helpful, and it is connected to a restaurant. Exactly how I like a bookstore! The kids section made me want to buy every book. I found myself picking one book up after another. I needed a cookbook and if I had not had two small children with me I am certain I would have found just what I wanted! However, instead I left with a great activity book for the kiddos.

Belgique Chocolatier – The truffles were great. The vanilla buttercream was better than great. The hot chocolate was amazing. I hope to go back and stock up for gifts. Since they are closing and moving to DC I better hurry! Saturday, October 13 is their last day of business. If you are in the area, or looking for somewhere to go, treat yourself and your little one(s) with a piece of chocolate. They also have a store in Kent if that is closer for you. I recommended you go this week and stock up. They have everything from single pieces and drinks to Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s themed Belgian Chocolate Specialties.

After a little window shopping we then headed back to Mead Park for some playground fun.






Playground of the Day – Compo Beach

After several days of rain today was a much needed escape into the great outdoors! Compo Beach has a wonderful playground located right in the sand at the Sound. There are several areas for different age children which is nice and the area for younger children is fenced in. The view of the water is not bad either! There are several swings – from baby swings to regular swings to tire swings. And, slides and walk ways complete with poles to slide down and posts to walk on. No one can complain about pushing a child on a swing as you watch the sun going down and the sky lighting up the sky over the sand and water.

Compo has a concession/ restaurant, Joey’s by the Shore, for when you get thirsty or hungry. There are also benches and tables for you to sit to enjoy your snack/ meal. There are tables both under cover and in the open open. Joey’s offers ice cream, snacks, sandwiches, wraps, fruit, drinks, and more.

There are grills in the sand by the marina and restrooms with changing areas. There are often groups of people sitting at tables or circled up in comfy chairs enjoying a meal and each other’s company.

Additionally, there are fields, basketball courts, and s skate park.

After October 1 anyone may park at the beach whether you have a Westport sticker not so come and check it out!


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